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Hi there, welcome to my personal portfolio! Here you’ll find an overview of some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

A bit of information about me:

  • Unity developer with 5 years of professional experience
  • Focused on game and XR development using C#
  • Very passionate about programming and gaming
  • Quick learner with an eye for detail
  • Love tackling new technical challenges and not afraid to leave my comfort zone
  • Enjoy working closely together with different disciplines (ex: art, design) in a team

Key Skills

Unity 3D
Unity 3D
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Version Control
Version Control


EntroPi Games logo
Unity 3D
Virtual Reality

EntroPi Games is a is a small independent game development studio, currently working on an unannounced virtual reality game for the HTC Vive.

My Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Gameplay Programming:
    • Writing code for VR input (simulating real life interactions with objects in the scene)
    • Writing procedurally generated solar systems for a space game
    • Designing game systems: Inventory manager, crafting system, loot generation, power management
    • Writing unit tests for gameplay critical systems
    • Now focusing on network programming (Bolt networking engine)
  • Assisting with game design challenges in virtual reality
Bearhands Games logo
Unity 3D

In September 2016, I did an internship as a Unity developer at Bearhands Games, a small development studio in Berlin, where I worked on Grand Values: Monaco, a game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

My Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of an in-game 3D world space UI system

Personal Projects

Unity 3D

A small personalized endless racer for mobile with randomly generated levels that I designed and wrote for somebody on a two week deadline. Most of the art was provided by someone else.

  • Experience gained:
    • Optimizing for mobile platforms (ex: creating an object pooling system used for the random generation of the environment)
    • Finishing a well running game on a short deadline
    • Game design (based on personal environment)

The video shows how the game looked when it was presented after 2 weeks. Later, before publishing it on the Google Play Store, I spent one more week, adding some functionality (pause, restart, menu and mute buttons), some more obstacles and most of the audio.

The final version of the game is available on the Google Play Store


Unity 3D

The first personal project which I completely finished. For the 3D models I used unity assets freely available as part of a Unity sample project, but further made no use of that unity project, building the game entirely on my own. Below I included a link to the source code on GitHub.

  • Experience gained:
    • Finishing a full game project from start to finish
    • Focusing on stable, safe and well structured game code architecture, with careful attention for the strengths and weaknesses of the Unity development environment
    • Getting familiar with the different parts there are to making a game (Gameplay, UI, Sound, Lighting, Effects (particles, camera shake, …)

Multiplayer Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Unity 3D

Since we are now working on a multiplayer project at EntroPi Games I also just wrote the code for a small multiplayer poker project to get acquainted with the basics of network programming architecture. I decided to use the Bolt networking engine after comparing with UNET.

  • Experience gained:
    • Network programming
    • Network system design
    • Getting familiar with Photon Bolt (and to a lesser degree UNET)

Berlin Mini Game Jam

The past year I’ve been participating in quite some workshops, meetups (Virtual Reality Berlin, Virtual Reality Developers Berlin, Creative Virtual Reality), conferences and other events relating to virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality in particular, and game development and design in general, getting to know Berlin’s game development community. One of these events I participated in was the Berlin Mini Game Jam, where our team of three designed and made this small game in eight hours. The theme of the game jam was “contrast”.

  • Experience gained:
    • Forming a team, brainstorming, designing and making a game from scratch about a given subject in 8 hours and succeeding in achieving a fun result that the whole team contributed to and was happy to present.

A little bit more about me

  • Originally from Belgium, currently living in Berlin, Germany
  • Spoken languages: English, Dutch, German, French; basic knowledge of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
  • Hobbies: traveling, playing and creating games, exploring culture, reading, having a drink with friends, etc…

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